Cancellation terms

Cancellation Terms (revocation of your contract)

Your right

You have the right to cancel your contract within 14 days, without any explanation, after you have received your purchase (date of delivery), in case your order consisted of several deliveries, starting with the date of the final and last delivery.

In order to do so, you have to notify us:

Bavarian Home Decor Marktstrasse 45, 83646 Bad Tölz, Germany Mail:   Phone: +49 8041 – 80 888 80 or by Fax: 00 49 8041 80 888 81 with a simple statement (i.E. postal letter, Telefax or E-Mail) letting us know of your decision to cancel your contract.

You may use the sample below, but it is not necessary to use that.

To ensure your right of cancellation you have to send your notification within these 14 days after having received your (final) delivery.

Consequences of the revocation

In case of a revocation, we will pay you the amount being paid, back within 14 days after receiving your notification, using the same way that was being used for the payment (PayPal or bank Transfer).

However, we have the right to wait with the money transaction until we have received the goods. If you decide to use your revocation right, you have to send the goods back within 14 days starting with the day of the notification.

The cost of return will be carried by the customer, if the value of the goods returned, does not exceed EUR 40,00. If the value is higher than EUR 40,00, the cost of return will be splitted, and the customer will carry only half of the costs.

You, as our customer, have the free choice of carrier. However, we recommend you to contact our customer service in advance, so that we can find a reasonable solution. We have the right to reduce the payment, if the goods returned are being damaged by you in a manner that would not be necessary when trying them at home or in a shop nearby. Due to hygienic reasons, foods cannot be returned! Please contact our customer support at for further Information.

Especially NON-European customers should first contact our customer service at before ordering, if you have any questions regarding our products and when the answer cannot be found in the product description supplied by us. The German cancellation policy does not apply in all countries within the European continent, however, we would like to offer our customers worldwide the best possible service, and even in case something does go wrong, the best possible solution.

Sample notification

If you want to use your cancelling right, please fill this form out, and send it to us.

•To: Bavarian Home Decor

Marktstrasse 45 83646 Bad Tölz Deutschland, Germany


Tel: 00 49 8041 80 888 80 Fax: 00 49 8041 80 888 81

I / we will herewith cancel my/our order consisting of following products:

-purchased on (date)  ________   and received on (date) ________

-My name


Signature (if printed and sent by post/fax)

Date and place