Lantern candle Christmas Tree

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Lantern candle Christmas Tree 7,5 x 9 cm with some 35 h burning time

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Lantern candles made of wax are lovely mood boosters as the soft candle light shimmers through the decorative cover. They burn evenly and that saves the outer decorated cover for later use as a tealight holder!

To ensure longlasting joy of these candles, use a lantern or a big glass jar to protect the candle from drafts – otherwise the flame might be pushed on the side with the wind and make the cover melt partially.

Always let your candle burn as long as it takes to get the wax melt evenly, otherwise it would only burn in the middle! A good rule of thumb is, i.e. If the candle has some 7 cm in diameter, you should let it burn atleast 6-7 hours. To avoid soot formation, keep the wick short all the time – a wick length of some 5 mm is for most candles enough for a calm and beautiful flame!

Burning time some 35 hours.

Matching to many of the candle desings you will also find paper tissue napkins and melamine trays!

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Dimensions 7.5 × 9 cm


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