T & C

These terms and conditions (T&C) apply to all orders placed at casaculinaria.eu or by phone with Bavarian Home Decor, Germany, by private persons within the European Union, Germany and the countries we ship to. Exemptions for NON-EU orders are indicated separately.
Effective 27.07.2018

§ 1 Area of application

These T&C of Bavarian Home Decor (BHD), owner Mr. J. M. von Wittgensteyn – Krause, Marktstrasse 45 83646 Bad Tölz, Germany (Phone: +49 8041/80 888 80, E-Mail: office@casaculinaria.eu), apply exclusively to all orders placed at casaculinaria.eu or by phone +49 8041 – 80 888 80 – respecting all consumer protection guide lines and regulations within the EU and Germany.

All our products and services are being offered to private persons, not for companies or any other entrepreneurly purposes.

All Prices indicated and displayed include the german value added tax (VAT), additionally post&package (indicated separately).
These T&C can be read at any time online, downloaded and printed before ordering. Any other agreements need our written confirmation.

§ 2 Contract agreement

(1) All Information regarding our products such as prices etc within every order procedure are subject to change and not binding. First when you agree with our T&C and push the button “Jetzt kaufen/Buy now” you are giving us a binding order, which needs to be confirmed by us. 

The contract agreement is being concluded after we have confirmed and accepted it.

We can not be forced to accept your order.

(2) Your order is being accepted by us when you receive our confirmation email including your tracking Information.

If you want to create a personal account at  casaculinaria.eu you are being asked to set up a personal password. In case you lose your password and/or let any other person know about it, you carry the whole liability and responsebility with all consequences of all orders placed with your personal Information.

§ 3 Cancellation Terms (revocation of your contract)

Your right

You have the right to cancel your contract within 14 days, without any explanation, after you have received your purchase (date of delivery), in case your order consisted of several deliveries, starting with the date of the final and last delivery.

In order to do so, you have to notify us:

Bavarian Home Decor, Marktstrasse 45, 83646 Bad Tölz, Germany Mail: office@casaculinaria.eu   Phone: +49 8041 – 80 888 80 or by Fax: 00 49 8041 80 888 81 with a simple statement (i.E. postal letter, Telefax or E-Mail) letting us know of your decision to cancel your contract.

You may use the sample below, but it is not necessary to use that.

To ensure your right of cancellation you have to send your notification within these 14 days after having received your (final) delivery.

Consequences of the revocation

In case of a revocation, we will pay you the amount being paid, back within 14 days after receiving your notification, using the same way that was being used for the payment (PayPal or bank Transfer).

However, we have the right to wait with the money transaction until we have received the goods. If you decide to use your revocation right, you have to send the goods back within 14 days starting with the day of the notification.

The cost of return will be carried by the customer, if the value of the goods returned, does not exceed EUR 40,00. If the value is higher than EUR 40,00, the cost of return will be splitted, and the customer will carry only half of the costs.

You, as our customer, have the free choice of carrier. However, we recommend you to contact our customer service in advance, so that we can find a reasonable solution. We have the right to reduce the payment, if the goods returned are being damaged by you in a manner that would not be necessary when trying them at home or in a shop nearby. Due to hygienic reasons, Food items can not be returned! Please contact our customer support at support@casaculinaria.eu for further Information.

Especially NON-European customers should first contact our customer service at support@casaculinaria.eu before ordering, if you have any questions regarding our products and when the answer cannot be found in the product description supplied by us. The German cancellation policy does not apply in all countries within the European continent, however, we would like to offer our customers worldwide the best possible service, and even in case something does go wrong, the best possible solution.

Sample notification

If you want to use your cancelling right, please fill this form out, and send it to us.

•To: Bavarian Home Decor

Marktstrasse 45 83646 Bad Tölz Deutschland, Germany

Email: office@casaculinaria.eu

Tel: 00 49 8041 80 888 80 Fax: 00 49 8041 80 888 81

I / we will herewith cancel my/our order consisting of following products:

-purchased on (date)  ________   and received on (date) ________

-My name


Signature (if printed and sent by post/fax)

Date and place

§ 4 Delivery times and costs

(1) All orders for Germany, EU and other regions are being processed without any minimum order value as they come in. PO Box addresses can not be delivered by DHL. We recommend to all our customers PayPal for all money transactions.

For orders within Germany you pay only EUR 4,99 for the Standard delivery, no matter how much you order (flat rate).

For orders within the EU you pay only EUR 9,99 for the Standard delivery, no matter how much you order (flat rate).

For all orders in other regions (North & South America, Asia, Oceania) you pay by weight depending on the Region where you live and a additional fee of EUR 0,99 for customs declaration is being raised. You can see the costs for delivery depending on your country and region in your shopping cart before you confirm your order. If you consider the delivery cost for the item(s) you would like to order, too high, please contact our customer support. In some cases we might be able to send the item(s) in an envelope which in most of the cases is a bit cheaper.

All Standard deliveries with DHL will be processed and shipped within 5 working days.

(2) Standard deliveries to addresses within the  EU und Great Britain (not including Isle of Man, Isle of Wight and the channel islands Jersey/ Guernsey), ship within 5 working days. The delivery time (EU 3-14 days, North & South America 14 – 20, Oceanic area 14 – 30 Days) depends on your local address, as main cities and metropoles are being served more quickly than the rural areas.

(3) Express-Deliveries may be organized only when you first contact our customer support. The costs for Express depend on the Region, the weight of your purchase and the carrier considered suitable for your Region. 

(4) Bank Holidays within Germany, the EU and other regions may cause delays that may have influence on delivery times.

(5) Bavarian Home Decor reserves the right to partial deliveries, if it is of your and our interest. Sure we will notify our customers in advance of possible delays in supply chain. All additional costs for partial deliveries will be carried by us

If we cannot fullfill your order complitely and you will not accept partial deliveries, you have the right to cancel your order complitely and we will refund your purchase immediately, within 5 working days. BHD will not carry any consequences or take responsibility for damages caused by the cancellation.  

(6) Deliveries in other regions outside the EU might be affected by local laws and restrictions, and additional costs and fees based on your order value and/or items ordered, may apply, depending on your country and your local legistlation. BHD can not be made responsible for any losses where the goods have been seized by local authorities, and should any additional costs such as taxes and fees apply, they will be carried by the customer. Please inform yourself BEFORE ORDERING by your local authorities if you are not sure about the items you would like to order.

§ 5 Payments, Discounts, Maturity, Default and Reservation of ownership

(1) No matter what or how much you order, there are several payment forms to choose from:

a. PayPal – the easiest and fastest way, offering several ways to pay your order.

b. Bank Money Transfer (takes sometimes up to 14 days until the payment reaches us, depending on the bank you are working with. European Money Transfer takes no longer than 2-5 working days to be processed.) 

c. Cash on delivery (only if confirmed in advance with our customer Service. The costs for this payment form vary a lot so we do not recommend this one)

(2) Discounts such as gift Cards, birthday Bonus, Newsletter offers etc. are being accepted, if offered over casaculinaria.eu, only in the way described and only within the time period of the Special offer.  

(3) Gift cards, if offered over casaculinaria.eu, can not be discounted.

(4)  Your purchase is due to payment immediately after having received it complitely. 

(5) If the payment has been cancelled afterwards by your bank Institute, we have the right to count interest rate of 5 percent over the actual rate announced by the european central bank, starting with the day of your purchase was due for payment, without any further notice. Any additional costs such as the costs for collecting the bill in addition with processing fees will be carried by the customer. BHD will however contact the customer first and you have 14 days time for your Statement and/or payment before we take any action. 

(6) By cash on delivery, if agreed in advance with our customer Service, we will Charge you a processing fee of EUR 5,90. Additionally the carrier has the right to collect a processing fee, which depends on the local carrier. BHD has neither influence on these additional costs, nor are they part of your purchase directly. BHD does not profit of these fees..

(7) All items purchased will remain in our ownership until the payment is been done. If you decide to use your cancellation right, we have the right to gain full ownership of the items purchased, and you are legally bound to return them.

§ 6 Protection of Young persons act & Alcoholic products

BHD has products containing alcohol, like Italian Grappa, german brandy and liqueurs. If the customer has not reached the Age of maturity (in Europe in General the Age of 18 yrs) it is not allowed for him/her to order alcoholic products over the Internet. We deliver only to persons that are atleast 18 years or older. If we have any doubt, that the order consisting mainly or partially of alcoholic beverages might be placed by minor Person, we have the right to ask you as our customer, to deliver any proof of your Age (driving licence, passport, personal ID) in advance before we ship your order. If this evidence is being denied by our customer and no proof is being delivered within 5 working days after placing the order, we have the right to cancel this order and the payment will be refunded in full. If, in the Country our customer is living, any additional taxes or fees on alcoholic products apply, they will be carried by the customer.  BHD carries no responsibility for any loss or costs if the goods are being seized by local authorities.

§ 7 Claim for defects

(1) The products displayed in this web shop are sometimes subject to change, i.e. if our supplier changes the shape, colour or the size of the packaging. Colours might vary sometimes depending on the screen Quality. Especially some textiles show a different shade in the pictures where artificial day light has been used for the photos.  As long as the content and/or the function of the products delivered has not changed, all these  minor deviations will be reasonable for our customer and are not subject to be claimed.  If you are in doubt about the colour or any other feature, please contact our customer Service before ordering. In most of the cases it is easier to get a new snapshot of the item using daylight in our store and the picture(s) can be sent to you immedieately.

(2) If  the item(s) purchased is/are defected in any way, we have the right to replace the item(s), or if our customer accepts, offer the item(s) for a lower price and refund the difference, or even cancel the whole order and demand the item(s) to be sent back to us. The procedure varies depending on the item, defect and the financial aspects.  If the damage and/ or defect was caused by the customers mistreatment in a way the item was not supposed to be used, we have the right to claim the price refunded back, including the additional postal fees.

If the item(s) was damaged by the carrier, our customer has to inform us immediately after receiving the item(s). Claim(s) need(s) to be placed within 24 hours after receiving the delivery in order to be refunded by the carrier. All deliveries have an insurance up to EUR 500,00 (carrier DHL). If possible, take some pictures of the package and if the cardbord box was damaged, get a simple statement in written form from the local delivery person.

(3)  Item(s) with defect(s) need to be sent back to us unless you have decided to accept a lower price.

(4) Claims will become invalid or unenforceable within 2 yrs starting with the date of the delivery.

(5) Costs for Claims will be carried in the first place by Casa, unless otherwise proven as indicated in § 7.2.

§ 8 Claim for damages

BHD works according to the product liability act of the European Union. All claims will be processed together with the manufacturer or the producer. Please inform yourself carefully before using any item. This includes the Information supplied by BHD as well the informations supplied by the manufacturer or Producer, shown on the item Label. If the Information regarding the products has not been read or understood by the customer, BHD is neither responsible for any damages caused by the misuse, nor for the consequences or damages caused by the misuse.

§ 9 Privacy protection

All the Information provided by our customers and that is needed for the processing of your orders, is solely saved on high security servers placed and operating in Germany and the laws regarding privacy policy in Germany apply to all this Information. We reserve the right to give part of this Information to our logistic Partner DHL, needed for the delivery.  

For more Information regarding EU – GDPR please read our privacy protection and Cookie policy.

If you choose to use the Chat Platform Chatra placed on our Website, to contact our Service Team, this Information will be processed and saved by Chatra, Roger Wilco LLC, 2200 Clarendon Blvd., Suite 1400A, Arlington, VA 22201, USA, Phone 1-703-232-1443   https://chatra.io/  At the Moment you use this communication form, you automatically accept the Terms and conditions of Chatra regarding privacy policy.

The payments will be processed at casaculinaria.eu by PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. et Cie, S.C.A in Luxembourg, https://www.paypal.com. All informations regarding Money Transactions are being saved and processed by PayPal. Your account, credit or debit card information is safe and can not be processed, seen or saved by us. All the personal Information is strictly confidential.

§ 10 Redemption of used batteries

According to the contemporary german and european laws and regulations, if products containing batteries of any kind, are being sold to you at casaculinaria.eu, you have the right to return the used batteries back to us with no costs at all. If the batteries contain any toxic substancies, they are indicated on the batteries as following:

Cd (= Battery contains Cadmium),

Hg (= Battery contains Mercury) or

Pb (= Battery contains Lead)

Batteries, Lithiumbatteries and Accupacks of all systems may be sent back only discharged. For your own and the common safety, all battery poles should be sealed with some adhesive tape before sending them back.

§ 11 Miscellaneous

(1) We reserve the right to change these Terms and conditions at any time, according to the contemporary legistlation, regulations and laws, without any further notice. You may read, print and save a copy of the effective T&C at anytime at casaculinaria.eu.

(2) For our customers in Germany, german laws and regulations apply. Customers within the European Union may take the Advantage of the Germany laws and regulations or of their home country, if in accordance with the European legistlation.

For customers outside the European Union, we will use the German Legistlation in order to ensure consumer rights worldwide.

(3) For all communication and claims use the address shown  in § 1.

§ 12 Salvatorius Clause

(1) Shold any of these clauses be void, it does not affect the rest of them.

(2) All parties will try to find a mutual solution for the void clause.

(3) This is a simple translation of the binding german legal text. If you have any questions regarding the meaning or purpose of any single clause, please refer to the original german Terms and conditions and contact our customer service. Our consulting  attourneys will be glad to help you.